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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Oakland, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Cathy; married April 4, 1971;Major Giftsfor non-profits. Interests: Travel, gardening, cooking, reading, politics, singing in choir, theater, music
Occupation: Founder of EatDrinkFilms- an online magazine and film feastival
Children: Greg is the running the Dancing Seeds FArm on San Juan Island and freelance landscaping. He graduated More…from Western Washington University in Environmental studies. Other main interests: cooking, photography, skateboarding, foraging, travel, environmental politics.

Older sister Emily graduated from UCLA in Psychology. Moved to NYC and spent 4 years in sponsorship marketing at the National Football League and 2 years in marketing for National Cinemedia. In July 2011 she married Adam Steinberg and they moved to the bay area while Emily got an MBA and MS at Stanford. The brains must have come from her mother. They have moved back to Brooklyn where Emily is Director of Business Development for the solar-focused Skylight Financial LLC. Their sons are Max Wesley, born Feb. 21, 2015 and Levi Jacob on March 12, 2017 .

Her interests include movies, cycling, choir, cooking, travel, non-profit volunteering, political and environmental activism.

The bad news is that our offspring are far away and the good news is that we love to travel to visit them.

-San Francisco State University degree in Film Production; minor in Journalism 1966-71
Programmed many film societies, the Times Theatre and wrote newspaper column during these years as well as Distribution Manager for SFSU Media Center.
-Married in 1971 to Cathy Allen; Went to Europe and bought an old van to travel and live in for 53 weeks and 21 countries.

-Got a job as a film booker at United Artists Theatres in fall 1972 when there were no production jobs in San Francisco. It was like graduate school and I realized I may not have what it takes to go through years trying to get a movie made and find out opening night that it is more often than not a flop, no matter how good it is. But I was in a position to show the movies made by those who did have the perseverance. I moved up the ladder. In 1975 co-worker Steve Gilula and I wanted to make a dream come true---to start a cinema showing a different double feature every day, On April 1, 1976 the dream became a reality when we (April foolishly?) reopened the 1917 U.C. Theatre in Berkeley. From that came a circuit of art cinemas called Landmark Theatres which we operated for 25 years, growing it into the first national art house chain. We sold it to obtain expansion capital which we successfully did for the new owners who then sold it again and again. We left to pursue other new challenges that have included for me consulting on numerous projects (including the Empress in Vallejo, Uptown in Napa, Sundance Cinemas, Virgin, BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn, etc.).

- In 2001 I saved a 1926 neighborhood theater, the Balboa in San Francisco, from closing and turned it into a successful and popular neighborhood theater. I found a passionate couple who love the theater and I turned it over to them. Jaimi and Adam have been doing a great job since 2012.

-In 1998 I was asked to become part of the programming team for the Telluride Film Festival and in 2007 I became Co-Director. The festival's program is kept a secret until opening day and we had a great time coming up with lots of surprises every year.

In 2015 I decided it was time to get back the six months a year that were often a 20-hour day and left the Festival to start a new venture, EatDrinkFilms with an online magazine (shades of Nort) and food film feastivals. We also have more time to travel and do the things we want to do. I am also a consultant for various film festivals, art cinemas, continue on a variety of Boards and volunteer for various organizations such as the East Bay College Fund and the East Bay Community Foundation. And we did door-to-door canvassing for several aspiring young Congressional candidates.

School Story:

Nort returns? New Blood? Phruntt?

The first issue of Nort, an open-to-all students magazine sold out 200 copies before school started at 10cents a copy. The next morning Principal Ken Casanega called me into his office. He was furious. Holding up the magazine he ask, "Are you responsible for this filth?"
GM: "I am one of the people who published it. Isn't it great that Napa High finally has a literary magazine?"
KC: "We have been getting phone calls all morning from irate parents upset that their children are bringing home home something with this disgusting four-letter word on the cover. I won;\'t even say it out loud."
GM: "Do you know what NORT means? It is a four letter word for 'frangipate."
Shocked silence.
GM: "We made both words up and thank you for participating in a social experiment to make a non-word into what you think is a 'dirty four-letter word'. "
KC: "You are suspended for three days."

We attended the next School Board meeting to present the state laws that say all sides of issues should be discussed in schools but that many were presented from only one point of view. We argued that the magazine was created at no expense to the school and could help fill this gap but we would agree to not sell in on or near campus. Future issues became more popular as both a place for student authors and artists to present their work and readership grew to the frustration of others.
We offered to Mr. Casanega an alternative. How about an official school literary magazine with faculty oversight and then there would be no need for NORT.
But the story of BACCHUS is for another time.

Attending Reunion


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Melanie was a generous friend from Ridgeview through high school .She found the good in all those she met.

And I always remember her smile that could lighten up any day or night.  We are lucky to have known her and she will be greatly missed. 

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Prelinger Archives is scanning my family home movies (my grandparents' and parents'). Unfortunately most of my little comedies, monster movies and dramas were stolen during college but my movie of the Human Be-In made in 1967 survives and they did a stunning restoration that was shown at Lost Landscapes at the Castro Theater last December. Two sold out shows and it was pretty thrilling. Rick asked me to narrate it while it ran and they encourage the audience to yell out what they know about these home movies and found footage of San Francisco. Now it is best to be there in person but each show is recorded and available online. You can watch the most recent show.
My film starts at about 46:30. This was recorded the first night and I was there the second night where there was more response. Put on a little Grateful Dead music as it is silent.
Have fun.

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Came across this in a family scrapbook. 1965 Officers

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As a teenager I was honored to appear on CREATURE FEATURES several times with Bob Wilkins and John Stanley (also from Napa a few years before us). My return visit will air on Saturday, June 9 at 10 PM on Channel 20 (over the airwaves and on cable/Sattellite) with the new version hosted by Vincent “Vandal” Van Dahl. Also streaming on the Internet next week:

I have no idea how it will be but suggest you record it if possible so you can speed through either the movie or my parts.
The film is THE GHOST(1963), a decent enough Italian horror film starring Barbara Steele.

Because it dealt with ghosts and a seance I thought it would be fun to do a little seance act. I prepared a number of effects but it turned out six minutes was too much for their two minute segments so we cut it down to something simple but I had fun with a few gags in the "live" segments.

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I am so sorry to learn of Larry's passing. We were friends from the first grade at Shearer School. Our parents had already been friends when we met so there were family get-togethers. By junior high we both especially loved swimming. Larry enjoyed life and I can see his wonderful smile and infectious laugh as I write this. 

We were lucky to have known him and he will be missed.

Gary Meyer

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Dick Fregulia, Napa High Journalism teacher during the mid 1960s will perform a tribute to the great jazz pianist Bill Evans and then screen a new documentary at JB Piano in San Rafael this Saturday, May 13.

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